“It’s our job to manage the quality of your facilities cleaning, not yours.”

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Our History

Long before MN Services was employing 500 plus cleaners, there was one employee working as the Owner, Manager, and Cleaner. Jim Glover founded the company over 50 years ago as a means to help fund his education at the University of Minnesota. His experience and education soon helped propel MN Services to new levels and became his full time focus.

A lot has changed in the last 50 years, but respecting people, working hard, and approaching life with a positive attitude continues to be a timeless recipe for success.

After five decades of helping hundreds of happy clients, we’re cleaning over 14 Million square feet daily!

Our partnerships include Office Buildings, Preschools, K-12 Schools, Universities, Churches, Apartments, Medical Facilities, Banks, Car Dealerships, Manufacturing Plants, and more!

We’re more energized than ever to continue serving the greater Twin Cities area!

Quality Control

Our management philosophy is based on the conviction that it’s our job to manage the quality of your facilities cleaning, not yours.  Most companies take a passive approach to managing, and assume that if they don’t hear from you everything is fine.  By contrast, we do weekly inspections while crews are onsite to make sure that any problems are taken care of immediately. 


We will customize a cleaning program specific to your facility’s needs. We understand things change and we’re happy to make adjustments. Our goal is to build a strong partnership, and that’s accomplished by personalized attention.

Worker Selection

In addition to exceptional management, we feel the single most important part of any maintenance program is the personnel who actually do the cleaning. We hire only those individuals who are capable of superior service, who are responsible for their actions within a client’s building, and who are visually presentable. All personnel considered for employment must have both business and personal references.

Account Management

Each building has one person responsible for daily communications with the customer’s representative.  They will handle any minor issues that arise and provide oversight of day-to-day cleaning needs and arrangements.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients concentrate on the important parts of their business by allowing them to outsource janitorial, maintenance and non-core functions. We provide these support services for our clients with honesty, effectiveness, and commitment to excellence as part of our core values.

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