“It’s our job to manage the quality of your facilities cleaning, not yours.”

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Our core business function is providing consistent janitorial services. Over 10 Million Sq. Ft. cleaned daily!

stripping waxing

Stripping & Waxing

If you take care of your floors, they will take care of you. We can help ensure they receive the proper attention.

resized carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Prolong the life of your carpets, eliminate unwanted stains, and create a healthier atmosphere by cleaning your carpets. ​


Electrical Maintenance

Our licensed electricians can help provide the support to install new systems or repair the ones already in place.

water pipie

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing issues arise, and when they do, our licensed plumber can help get everything flowing correctly once again.

Folding Chair

Special Set-Ups

Weddings, Luncheons, Executive Meetings, Funerals, Graduations, Etc... The correct set up helps ensure a smooth event, we're here to help. ​

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